Special Session 2


Polar Sciences

Date: December 17, 2019; Time: 9:30 – 17:30 Venue: CIFNET Auditorium, Kochi, India 

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Naresh Chandra Pant
University of Delhi, India

Topic: Frontiers of Antarctic Geosciences- reborn interest and new challenges


Dr. Thamban Meloth,
National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, India

Dr. K.P. Krishnan,
National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, India


The Polar regions have experienced significant environmental changes in recent decades, such as the records of increase in temperature, the loss of large amounts of sea ice from the Arctic Ocean and major warming on the Antarctic Peninsula. The Polar Regions are also predicted to warm more than any other region on the Earth over the next century if greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise. The changes in the poles will have considerable impact on the weather and environment of the mid and low latitudes.  

Spatial and temporal connections within polar atmosphere-ice-ocean system and their interrelationships are at the heart of variability and change in the Arctic and Southern oceans. Exploring and understanding these connections can provide powerful insights into the past, present and future state of polar cryosphere and marine ecosystems, including the local and regional aspects of ocean circulation, sea ice dynamics, biogeochemical fluxes, biodiversity, living resources and human well-being. Study of polar ice sheet dynamics and the climatic records archived in these ice sheets offer the best possible means of understanding the global climate variability and change. As the Arctic and Southern oceans are links that collect and redistribute organisms, chemical constituents, freshwater and heat, their transformations are also expected to affect mid latitude and tropical  ocean.


The session on polar sciences in MARICON 2019 provides an excellent opportunity for all the presenters and researchers to meet, discuss and share a broad range of emerging ideas through the presentation of new observations and findings, conceptual frameworks and numerical simulations that explore the relationships between different components of the polar marine system or the linkages between polar oceans and the broader environment.


  • l  Provide a platform to bring eminent researchers working in diverse polar regions of Arctic, Antarctic and the Southern Ocean to discuss issues, challenges and solutions to address the ongoing climate change and its ecological responses

    l  Create an avenue for presenting the research works and sharing knowledge on current trends, risks and past and future climate in the polar regions

Call for Paper

Researchers are invited to participate and present their findings on different aspects of Polar Regions. The session will include oral as well as poster presentations. High quality original and unpublished work (conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical) shall be encouraged. Major themes of the special session include:


  • Climate change and its variability in the Polar Regions
  • Cryosphere processes and its influence on the marine environment
  • Oceanography, biogeochemistry and ecology of Arctic and Southern Oceans